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Power Flushing

Do I need a power flush ?

It is normal nowadays for all central heating systems to be power flushed before being installed into a property. Many boiler manufacturers insist that heating is flushed to remove any excess solder and flux before the boiler is installed. A manufacturer’s warranty maybe not be honoured if a flush has not been undertaken before the system was fitted; and it is possible for check if one has been done by testing the water in the system! Getting a power flush done can save time and money at the outset instead of encountering problems further down the line, which may turn out to be costly.

Flushing signs. 

  •           Radiators are cold at the bottom; this is due to the sludge resting on the bottom of the radiator.
  •           Radiators cold all over; this is due to the build up of debris in valves and pipe work.
  •           Radiators are cold at the top and need bleeding; this is caused by a by product of rusting.
  •           Pump failure.
  •           Noisy boiler or noisy pumps; this is due to build-up of black sludge or limescale.
  •           Little or no hot water; this is caused by blockages in the pipes or heat exchangers.
  •           Black water; this is due to the natural corrosion that takes place in a central heating system.

Benefits of a flush.

If you decide to have a power flush carried out on a new or existing central heating system then you may find that there are many benefits in doing so. Many of these will be long term benefits which will mean that you can save time and money!

These benefits include the following:

  •          An increase in the life expectancy of your boiler.
  •          An increase in the life expectancy of your pump.
  •          An increase in the life expectancy of your radiators.
  •          A reduction in your energy bills- it costs more to heat the sludge and debris in the system than it does to heat clear water!
  •          A reduction in the breakdowns and problems with the heating system.
  •          Increased efficiency of your system.